Ahhh, Trader Joe’s, what would my grocery bill look like without you? I don’t even want to know. I stock up on all my vegan basics at Trader Joe’s. I essentially buy the same things there (almost) every week, so I thought I’d go ahead and share my grocery list:

The Favorites

Refried Beans: These are the best refried beans out there. We always have a couple of cans on hand. Something about the texture of these particular beans really does it for me.

Corn Tortillas: .99 for a package and the ingredients are just corn and flour. Great for tacos or homemade baked tortilla chips.

Medjool Dates: I throw two of these in my daily smoothie and use them to make rawnola a couple times a week.

Bag of Spinach: For smoothies. I also always have spinach on hand to add to meals like soup, stir fry etc…

Apples and Bananas: Snacks and smoothies

Flax Meal: I add a tablespoon of this to my smoothie and I also regularly make the recipe for energy bites that’s printed on the back- HIGHLY recommend those for a sweet treat

Nutritional Yeast: This goes on all the things. I toss potatoes in it before baking, add it to soup, sprinkle it on popcorn, so many reasons to keep this around!

Chili Lime seasoning: My go-to potato seasoner

Frozen Hash Browns: These are great to keep in the freezer for an easy meal. I loosely follow This recipe when I just need something quick.

Chocolate Chips: For when I just want a little something sweet. I also use these when making the flax meal energy bites mentioned above.

Green Goddess Salad Dressing: Trader Joe’s dressings can be hit or miss in my opinion and this one is definitely a hit. Obviously great on green salads, I’ve also used it as the dressing on bean salads, just rinse and combine a few cans of your favorite beans, add diced veggies of your choice (bell pepper, onion, carrot etc…), and toss in this dressing.

Fat Free Balsamic Dressing: Not the most exciting, but I really like it and always keep it around as a basic dressing.

Non-dairy Milk and Creamer: The soy creamer at Trader’s is my favorite, no weird additional flavors or sweetness. We also get the unsweetened almond milk.

Raisin Bran: I kind of wish we didn’t keep cereal in the house because I could eat if for every single meal, but my husband likes it for breakfast so I guess it’s a good opportunity for me to practice self control?

Frozen Fruit: For smoothies. I tend to buy the same ones because I’m a creature of habit: strawberries, raspberries, pineapple, mango.

Frozen Veggies: Bell peppers, brocooli, grilled corn-these are good to have around for quick meals like the hash brown recipe above.

Peanut Butter: I get the organic smooth, salted and pour off as much oil as I can before mixing.

Brown or White Rice: A staple in our house.

10 Minute Farro: I really like adding this to salads, it has a nice hearty texture and is a good option if you want to branch out and try a new grain.

Non-Food Items:

Flowers: For $3.99 a pop this is a nice little treat I pick up almost every week.

Lavender Body Scrub: I have tried so many (sometimes very expensive) scrubs in my life and keep coming back to this one. It is my absolute favorite and such a good deal. Dear Trader Joe’s Gods please never stop making this.

I hope this list is helpful when you’re navigating the aisles at Trader Joe’s. These are the things I try to always have in the house, so it makes shopping fast and easy. Trader Joe’s seems to have new vegan stuff on the shelves every week, and while I like to try those once in a while, I pretty much stick to some version of this list, that way throwing together our regular meals requires minimum thought or effort (my favorite type of cooking).