These are the tools, blogs, podcasts, books, and YouTube channels that helped grow from a clueless baby vegan to someone who (mostly) knows what she’s doing.



Zojirushi Rice maker – This little guy is a workhorse in our house. I use it to make rice and oatmeal, and it never disappoints! A little on the pricy side, but worth it. I think this company makes really quality products, we also have their coffee maker, which is great for smaller households, and their travel mug is the absolute best, most leak proof to-go mug I’ve ever used. 

GlassLock containers –  Again, an investment, but I LOVE these and use them every. single. day. Plus, you can feel really smug when you bring your lunch to work in these rather than some funky old tupperware.

Blendtec blender – I held off on this purchase for a looooong time, but if you’re making smoothies everyday than I think it’s really worth it to save up and treat yourself to this thing.

Giant insulated tumbler – Speaking of smoothies, if you’re like me and sip on yours over the course of an hour or so at work, this tumbler will keep everything super cold, and I’ve never had a leakage issue with it.

Potato smasher – Yes, a random thing to recommend. But, if you eat a lot of mashed potatoes (we do), then get a good one of these.

Nonstick pan – Another workhorse at our house. We don’t cook with oil and nothing sticks to this pan.


The Starch Solution – This is the book I followed when I first went vegan and I recommend it often. Dr. McDougall really focuses on starches (hence the name), so if you’re someone who is deeply afraid of carbs this book will help you understand why you shouldn’t leave them out of your diet.

Proteinaholic – Dr. Garth Davis does an excellent job of explaining the dangers of having too much protein in your diet. I also really liked how he shows you how to tell a good (well designed) scientific study from a bad one.

Forks Over Knives –  Not a showy cookbook, but one of my most used. The recipes are simple and rarely disappoint.

30 Day Vegan Challenge – I bought this when I was still vegetarian and read it all before jumping into the vegan world. Colleen Patrick-Goudreau is an amazing advocate for veganism and this book answers every question that popped up for me, from nutrition to dealing with social situations. A definite must have.

Vegan for Everybody –  Are all these recipes super healthy? No. Are they delicious? Yes. I modify these to limit or completely remove the oil and everything I’ve made so far has still been SO GOOD.

Power Plates –  I would describe the recipes in here as (fairly) easy and fancy looking. The author also has a beautiful blog that’s worth checking out. 

YouTube Channels:

High Carb Hannah – Her What I Eat in a Day videos are the reason I didn’t starve in my first few months of eating vegan. She taught me that a bowl of baked fries is a healthy meal, and for that I will be forever grateful.

Ellen Fisher – If you’re having a bad day and feel like the world is terrible, make a giant green smoothie and binge this channel. Ellen puts out informative and inspiring videos that make you want to be a better person. 

Hannah McNeely –  This is Ellen’s sister and she is hilarious. I love her unique perspective on everything from veganism to creativity.

Lilykoi Hawaii – Lily is SO smart. Her series on weight loss was incredibly helpful when I was trying to wrap my head around why it was ok to suddenly eat carbs  as a vegan.

Caitlin Shoemaker – Caitlin produces beautiful recipe and What I Eat in a Day videos, like High Carb Hannah she inspired me a lot when I first started (and still does!).


Cadry’s Kitchen – I really like Cadry’s writing style. Her post on how going vegan changed her life resonated with me big time.

Minimalist Baker – Everyone knows about this site, right? Beautifully shot, simple recipes that almost always work out for me (and if they don’t, it’s probably my fault). Try the pumpkin curry or the peanut butter tempeh.

101 Cookbooks – This is a newer site for me but every single recipe I’ve made so far has been excellent. Try the taco soup or the coconut red lentil soup. Technically I think this is a vegetarian site, but she has all her vegan recipes (and there are a TON) sorted under categories in the sidebar. Her series on the Instantpot it also well worth a read.

Oh She Glows – I have been following this blog almost as long as its been around! I love Angela’s sense of humor. Try the pumpkin gingerbread muffins or the vegan chili (this one is on heavy rotation in our house).


Rich Roll – Super in depth, long form talks with all kinds of interesting people. A few of my favorite episodes are interviews with the Happy Pear and Guru Singh.

No Meat Athlete – I just love these guys. They make me laugh a lot and their philospohy of how to be a vegan in the world lines right up with mine. The episodes with another of my favorite vegan people, Sid Garza-Hillman, are always entertaining and informative.  

Food For Thought – Hosted by Colleen Patrick-Goudreau, this podcast has an episode for everything. I listened to this constantly when I first went vegan because she has great advice on how to deal with social situations and the best ways to be an advocate for veganism. 

Nutrition Facts Podcast – Do you have a super specific question about some type of food or disease? Host Dr. Michael Greger probably has an episode about it.