When I was transitioning into a vegan diet I had a lot of questions and a lot of confusion. It can be really hard to make a big change in your diet (or your life!), especially when the world around you is not on board.

So, whenever I want to make a change, or learn a new skill, I get really intentional about what I’m mentally consuming. We take in so much information everyday, much of which we can’t control, but for the things we do have control over: the podcasts we listen to, the Instagram accounts we follow, the blogs and books we read, I recommend using those to help you focus on whatever topic you’re trying to understand or incorporate into your life.

Using Media For Good

For example, when I went vegan I  subscribed to every vegan podcast I could find and listened to those almost exclusively. I filled my Instagram feed with images from vegan accounts, I binged on so many plant-based YouTube videos, and pretty much only read books and blogs related to veganism.


Fill up your Instagram with inspiring plant based people

Listen to some vegan podcasts!

This might seem extreme, but it’s always how I’ve done things. I tend to get REALLY into something for months and drive everyone around me crazy talking about my current obsession. Sometimes those obsessions of mine stick, like veganism, sometimes they just last for a season, like when I got really into yoga. Either way I always learn something.


A Recent Example

A more recent example of me doing this is starting this very blog. I’m not naturally a tech-savvy person, so the idea of putting a blog together made me feel very anxious. On top of that my mindset was not helping me. I had a lot of feelings of doubt and fear, as well as a quiet but insistent voice telling me that starting a blog was a complete waste of time.

I knew that to get past this I needed to listen, read, and see things that would start giving me some confidence. I subscribed to podcasts and watched YouTube videos about blogging, even if I didn’t understand everything they were talking about. I picked up books on mindset and started following blogs that talked about design and content creation. I made sure my Instagram account was packed with people who posted encouraging images, quotes, and links.

As a result of intentionally filling my life with as much information about the thing I wanted to do, I was able to learn the skills to get this little blog up and running and quiet the fears that were trying to keep me from learning something new.

Work With What We Got

Unless you move to an isolated spot and close the door on the modern world (not a bad idea sometimes), you are going to be consuming media in some form whether you like it or not. Why not take control and make sure what you’re reading, listening to, and seeing are things that encourage and inspire you? Even if you’re a total beginner or just starting to test the waters like I did with veganism, I encourage you to choose one thing you’ve been wanting to explore and surround yourself with it in every way you can. You might feel silly at first, maybe imposter syndrome will creep in for a bit, but keep pushing through those feelings and you’ll be surprised at what you can do.

P.S You can visit my resources page if you’d like some suggestions on vegan blogs/podcasts/books/channels to jump into.