How was everyone’s week? We had a big one over here- both my husband and I got new jobs, so there’s a lot of excitement and more than a little nervousness happening at the moment!

Here are some links to all the little internet things that made my week better:

This podcast with Rich Roll and Guru Singh was so good that when it ended I started it right back over again.

Kathy Freston shared this video on her Instagram and we watched it approximately one million times.

Hannah McNeely’s video about her dog Padma explains so beautifully what I’m always trying to articulate when people ask why I’m vegan. It also made me cry, so maybe save this one for when you’re not at the office.

 I’ve been looking for vegan booties that didn’t look super cheap and I finally found some after MUCH internet research. Here they are, I got them in black and brown in my usual size.

 I made this cheese sauce and we had it on nachos one night and mac and cheese later in the week. This is my go-to cheesy sauce recipe, and I definitely recommend the cookbook it comes from if you have kids or picky eaters in the house.

I hope you have a relaxing Sunday! I’ll be meal prepping this recipe once again, along with some Trader Joe’s flax balls for a little work dessert, and finishing this fun book (hopefully). Can’t wait to watch the move once I’m done.