This week flew right on by!  I’m counting the days until I start my new job and trying to brainstorm something special to do after my last day at the office. Here are some links to all the best internet things this week

Back in the day I had a major Conan O’Brien crush and it has returned with a vengeance partly due to his new podcast. The newest episode is hilarious and features one of my favorite writes, David Sedaris.

 I randomly had an audible credit and decided to download Mel Robbins’ new book, “Take Control of Your Life.” I have to say it’s really clicking with me, especially all the tips on how to not get overwhelmed when you’re an overthinker ( that’s me x 1000).

 High Carb Hannah is living my dream life.

 Recently we discovered we had a mouse in our house (he or she has since been caught and released back out into the wild). How did I know? Well, I left an apple in my purse only to find the next morning the little critter had chewed through my bag to get to it. I replaced that purse with this one and it’s perfect for everyday running around.

Another work lunch winner: This lentil soup from Chocolate Covered Kate. Next time I’ll double the recipe.