Hi, my name is Sascha and I’m so happy you’ve stopped by to check out my blog! I live in a coastal Californian town with my husband, John, and our dog Millie – a very small and very spoiled poodle.

Besides spending time with my friends and family, I love puttering around the house, getting sweaty in a Jazzercise class, and watching British mysteries (current favorite can be found here).

I started Petite Potato to help people figure out how to transition into a vegan diet without reaching peak overwhelm. I’ve been vegan for almost three years, and have made it work as a waitress with late night shifts, a stressed out grad student, and now as a professional lady sitting in an office from 8-5. I’ve had success doing this not because I’m a great cook (truly, I am terrible at making food), but because I am a type-A crazy person whose love of preparation and list making knows no bounds!

I don’t think you need to be whipping up fancy recipes everyday in order to be a healthy, happy vegan (although if you’re into that teach me your secrets!). I love looking at all the beautiful Instagram feeds and blog posts put out by the plant-based cooking pros out there (Lauren Toyota and Avant Garde Vegan  to name a few), but if cooking’s not your thing, or you only want to try new recipes for fun once in a while, you can still 100% do this!  

Through much trial and error I’ve learned many tricks to making plant-based eating simple, and I want to share all those tips with you.

I named this site Petite Potato because when I decided to give veganism a whirl I luckily stumbled across High Carb Hannah and Dr. McDougall straight away. They both advocate for a high carb, low fat diet that includes a lot of one of my favorite foods: Potatoes!

I was thrilled by this discovery because like many people, I’d been told by every diet guru out there that potatoes were a huge no-no if you wanted to lose weight and get healthy. At first it was hard for me to trust that basing my diet around starches like potatoes, rice, and oatmeal would lead to anything other than weight gain and sluggishness, so imagine my surprise when I dropped thirty pounds and started feeling happier and  more energetic than I had in ages.



My hope is that this site and the resources I share here can give you the courage to try this new way of eating and make it work for you, whether you go high-carb like me, mostly raw like one of my favorite YouTubers Ellen Fisher or any one of the many other ways to eat vegan.

Besides the vegan world, I also talk about some of the other health and life stuff I’m into on this blog like organization, personal development and habit change. Going vegan has motivated me to take more steps-big and small- towards building a life that feels like a good fit, and I hope that those posts also help support you on your transition to a vegan diet and beyond.

Thanks again for stopping by and please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or just want to chat.

All the best,